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For over a century, Red Wing has been helping generations of workers perform their jobs safely and comfortably.

Red Wing builds complete PPE solutions that put your diverse needs at the forefront, offering head-to-toe protection that combines the industry’s top safety footwear and workwear with high performance gloves, safety glasses, hard hats and more.

With purpose-built products and services available worldwide, as well as access to our vast product selection as well as accessories from manufacturing partners, Red Wing bring true one-stop convenience to your business.


From oil rigs to shipping docks, factory floors to refineries, the world’s most skilled workers trust Red Wing to deliver the PPE features.

Red Wing PPE is manufactured using only the highest quality leathers, fabrics and components, all sourced from trusted brands that hold safety and durability in the same high regard. Every product is subjected to rigorous internal and independent, third-party testing to meet or exceed compliance with global safety standards.

We proudly own our entire process of testing and quality control, so you can feel the same confidence knowing you’ll be safe and comfortable in the most extreme conditions on Earth.

We need to enable procurement departments to offer the right kit to the right people. That’s why we created the Right Fit Toolkit – to make the process of getting the correct PPE easier.


Red Wing is committed to providing every person with the correct clothing to keep them safe, while giving them the opportunity to succeed. Offering accessible PPE for all types of bodies, our four-point supply matrix based on availability, quality, price and compliance ensures that every member of your diverse workplace is equally as protected.

Take a look below for a primary example of how we’ve reimagined women’s workwear, knowing that the Right Fit shouldn’t be a request – it should be a given.


At Red Wing, we know that your needs don’t always fall within the standard offering. That’s why we provide a full portfolio of customization options, from simple name embroidery to complex flame-resistant (FR) striping patterns and badging requirements, all the way to completely custom, Special Make Up (SMU) patterns.

Our trained specialists will complete the job to the highest standards from a local customization facility, reducing your lead times and enhancing the service experience.