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At Red Wing, we hold our values just as high as our safety standards.



Uncompromising honesty and fairness will be the foundation for all our relationships and practices.


We believe it is necessary for our employees and corporations to be actively involved in their communities. We strive to improve the quality of life for everyone who shares the places we live and work.


We are committed to setting the highest personal, product and service standards and strive to constantly improve, delivering increasing value to our customers on a continual basis. 


We believe that respect for each other’s point of view, cultural heritage, personal style and performance abilities will promote the trust and creative teamwork that is needed to reach personal and business goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Red Wing Shoe Company created a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Framework to develop and sustain policies in 3 pillar areas:


Who we hire and how

Every department, business unit, and employee at Red Wing must weave Corporate Social Responsibility and DEIB into their respective goals; we lay the foundation for this at the hiring process. Just like our internal team, we value working with diverse suppliers, and benchmark this by implementing a request of diversity data into our vendor and supplier set up forms.


How it feels when you are here

Everyone at Red Wing is offered the opportunity to engage in Employee Resource Groups, providing a safe, inclusive environment where all employees can feel engaged, connected, valued, and empowered. Whether it be taking part in these groups, volunteering to be on a task force, or learning  and education from our Inclusive Culture Employee Engagement platform, DEIB is a top priority in our company culture.


How we engage

Red Wing strives to lead by example: we engage with our partners and community and amplify the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion. We don’t stop at the internal culture; our team here in Aberdeen plays a huge part in giving back to the community. Read on for more information on our charity and volunteer work.

Walking the walk in Aberdeen

From food banks to community centres to mental health and children’s charities, our team puts in the hours to help those most in need through consistent support and partnership with the following 13 charities: